Shoot Catering

Shoot Catering

Shoot catering @ loft studios

With a dedicated, passionate and creative team, Social Pantry delivers fresh, seasonal and delicious food daily at Loft Studios. We use local suppliers to source our produce and create menus with the season in mind that are big in flavour and nutritious to ensure your team feel energised throughout the day. Our healthy dishes are vibrant and balanced and we’re comfortable accommodating any dietary request. From Gluten Free to Paleo, we’ll always ensure that we still provide delicious alternatives to a high standard that leave everyone feeling well catered for. We closely follow food trends to ensure we consistently present beautiful, innovative and unique dishes to our clients, that are served with style for a unique food experience.



  • Avoids post meal bloating and fatigue
  • Promotes lasting and consistent energy levels
  • No hidden nasties

Chef service guarantees

  • Personal service
  • Menu flexibility
  • Excellent presentation
  • Value for money