Shoot Catering

At Loft Studios, sustainability, seasonality, and minimising waste are at the core of our ethos. Our daily curated menus, crafted by our in-house chef, prioritising seasonal ingredients and nutrition. Partnering with local suppliers, we source the finest produce from British farmers, ensuring freshness and quality. Our menus are both enticing and health-conscious, providing ample nutrition to fuel your day with us. We accommodate any dietary requirement and are happy to tailor a bespoke menu upon request.

Pre-order Pack

With our pre-order pack, we offer a variety of options to suit all budgets, covering breakfast, a mid-morning boost, lunch and afternoon tea.

Download the pre-order pack

Daily Menus

Our seasonal, daily menus are rotated to ensure variety for returning clients and on longer shoot periods.

Download a sample menu

Location Catering

Buffet style or individual portions can be delivered to London postcodes, and available for collection from our main studio address.

Download the location pack