Studio 6
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Studio 6 benefits from ground floor drive-in access, a 6.26m x 5.86m corner cove with 7m high ceiling above the cove. Drive in access 5.27 x 4.46m. It has a large makeup & styling room with 4 mirrors, 4 rails and a changing room on the 1st floor mezzanine. This leads onto a kitchenette and client lounge and dining area on the 2nd mezzanine. There are 6 parking spaces and private access to the studio.

The Studio is located directly across the road from our main site, and boasts a spacious, drive-in opening, housing a large infinity corner cove. Lighting and camera equipment hire, catering and set build are supplied in-house.

Studio 6 – Loft Studios, Unit 6, Pembroke Buildings, Scrubs Lane, NW10 6RE

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Groundfloor Space (141m2 / 1518 sq ft)

Length: 11.46m / 37.72ft

Width: 12.31m / 40.46ft

Height: 7m above cove, 4.87m behind cove, 3.61m side of cove

Drive in access 5.27 x 4.46m / 17 x 14.6ft

Cove (36.7m2 / 395 sq ft)

Cove Width 5.86m / 19.27ft

Cove Width 6.65m / 21.98ft

Cove Height: 5.82m / 19.09ft

Makeup & Styling room (51m2 / 549 sq ft)

Studio Dimensions

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1st floor mezzanine
Dining Area/Client lounge (30.2m2 / 325 sq ft)

2nd floor mezzanine
Total Area 239m2 / 2572 sq ft)


  • Wide cove with corner wall
  • Drive-In Access
  • Ground floor with high ceilings
  • 2 mezzanines
  • Large makeup and styling room
  • Daylight
  • Blackout
  • Private access
  • 6 parking spaces